My name is Andrea.
I was born in a little town in The Netherlands in August 1970.
My father is an entrepreneur and had his own company. My mother is creative and spends much of her time on lace-making and embroidery. She inspired me to pursue my creativity.
I developed my skills at Rietveld Art Academy, where I studied fashion design.


My mission as a designer is to design unique products that trigger an emotional response. Products that continue to have a special place in your heart throughout life. To achieve this I choose for a holistic design process where aesthetics, sustainability, and spirituality are integrated.


The inspiration for the Kama Birthcloth, springs from what many know as birth patches. These small patches are made for newborns with their name, place of birth, weight and time embroidered onto them.

My own birth in 1970 was celebrated with a birth tile embroidered by my mother. When my son Elvis was born in 2005 a close friend gave me an embroidered birth tile. Both tiles are still dear to me today. Now I want to offer others the possibility to give such a special gift.


I truly believe that beauty is the materiality of love. Kama products are everyday products created to be used, seen and touched. Products whereby tactile techniques are expressive qualities and important means of communication.


I hope that your Kama Birthcloth will spark emotion and that it will come to symbolize the lasting, loving bond between giver and receiver.

With love,