Article 1.          Definitions

  1. The terms used in these General Terms and Conditions are defined as follows:

General Terms and Conditions: these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery of KAMA;

Reflection period: the fourteen calendar day period, counted from the day of the receipt of the Product(s) by the Consumer, within which Consumer may invoke his/her right of withdrawal;

Consumer: the natural person who does not operate in the course of a profession or on behalf of a company and enters into an Agreement with KAMA;

Right of withdrawal: the option Consumer has to abandon the distance Agreement within the Reflection period;

Products: all products to be provided to Consumer by KAMA under the Agreement;

KAMA: the brand and trade name under which KAMA CONCEPTS offers Products to Consumer through the Website or whose identity is listed in article 2 of these General Terms and Conditions;

Agreement: an Agreement for the purposes of a system organised by KAMA for the distance selling of Products, for which up to the moment of entering into of the Agreement use will be solely made of one or more means of distance communication; 

Website: the website, where Consumer can digitally order the Products of KAMA.

Article 2.          Identity of KAMA

Address: Eerste Schinkelstraat 37 hs, (1075 TW) Amsterdam

Telephone number: +31 (0) 624747737

E-mail address:

Chamber of Commerce-number: 77162781

VAT number: NL 003157715B86

Article 3.          Applicability

Article 4.          Offers

Article 5.          Orders

Article 6.          Formation of the Agreement

Article 7.          Prices, payments and shipping costs

Article 8.          Delivery and Risk

Article 9.          Right of withdrawal

Article 10. Claims

  1. KAMA uses a complaints procedure, as indicated on its Website. KAMA handles complaints lodged by the Consumer in accordance with this complaints procedure.
  1. KAMA has the obligation to deliver Products which comply to the Agreement.
  1. Should the Product/the Products not comply to the Agreement, Consumer shall inform KAMA of this in writing (via and including a motivation, without delay and always within two months after delivery of the Product to Consumer, or at least after the establishment could reasonably be made.
  1. Small deviations considered acceptable in the field or technically unpreventable, in quality, colour, size, weight, finish, design and the like, are not considered grounds for claims and complaints.
  1. After it has been proven that the Products do not comply to the Agreement, Consumer may either choose to have the Products restored or to have them replaced by new Products subject to the return of the faulty Products, unless that is impossible or can not be demanded by KAMA. In that case, KAMA will refund the invoice amount of said Products to Consumer subject to the return of the faulty Products.

Article 11.        Retention of Title

  1. KAMA retains full ownership of the delivered Product/Products until the time that the purchase price is paid in full.

Article 12.         Intellectual Property Rights

  1. The Intellectual Property Rights with respect to the (designs) of the Products, together with the texts, images, design, data files, photos and other (still or moving) visual materials, formats, software, brands, domain names and other materials, which arise from the Website, are held by Dutch Brand House International B.V.
  1. Consumer is not entitled to make (parts of) the Website public and/or reproduce it in any way. Consumer may not make alterations to the delivered Products unless the nature of the Products indicates otherwise or otherwise was agreed on in writing. Consumer may only place a hyperlink to the Website when this is done solely for information purposes towards Consumers. The placement of a hyperlink for any other purpose, including a commercial aim, is strictly prohibited.

Article 13.        Miscellaneous

  1. Any deviations from these General Terms and Conditions may only be agreed on by KAMA and Consumer in writing. No rights can be derived with respect to future legal relationships and Agreements based on such deviations. The records kept by KAMA apply, notwithstanding counter-evidence, as proof of any applications and/or orders placed by the Consumer. Consumer acknowledges that digital communication can serve as proof.
  1. KAMA is entitled to transfer the rights and duties arising from the Agreement with Consumer to a third party by a mere notification. In that case, Consumer has the right to terminate the Agreement without costs.
  1. Should one or more stipulations of these General Terms and Conditions or any other Agreement with KAMA be contrary to a legal provision, the involved stipulation will lapse and be replaced by a new stipulation permissible by law, to be determined by KAMA.

Article 14.        Applicable Law and Competent Court

  1. Dutch law exclusively governs these General Terms and Conditions and the Agreements/ disputes arising from it.
  1. All disputes regarding an Agreement or the performance of an Agreement between Consumer and KAMA, which cannot be resolved between parties, will brought to the competent court in the jurisdiction in which Consumer resides. 

Appendix I: Model withdrawal form

Model withdrawal form

(please only fill out and return this form when you wish to withdraw from the agreement)

To:       KAMA

For the correct return address, please check the return information as included in your account on our website.

E-mail: via this form

I/we hereby inform you, that I/we wish to withdraw from our agreement regarding

the sale of the following products: [indication product]*

the delivery of the following digital contents: [indication digital contents]*

the performance of the following service: [indication service]*,

Ordered on*/received on* [date of the order for services or receipt for products]

[Name consumer(s)]

[Address consumer(s)]

[Signature consumer(s)] (only when this form is returned on paper)

* Delete as appropriate or fill in as appropriate.